Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the Nonprofit Management Center?
The Nonprofit Management Center exists to provide consulting, training, and information supporting the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations. The Center also serves as an advocate for the nonprofit sector in the Permian Basin.

Who does the Center serve?
The services of the Center are available to all nonprofit organizations in the Permian Basin region of West Texas.

What kind of organization is the NMC?
The Nonprofit Management Center of the Permian Basin is a project of the Permian Basin Area Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity.

What is the Center’s history and how is it funded?
- Meadows Foundation provided three-year grant to initiate NMC with library, information and referral services.
2001 - Program expanded to include training, workshops, and limited consulting services.
2004 - Consulting services and training programs expanded. Accountability indicators for nonprofits developed in conjunction with newly formed Funders Roundtable.
2006 - New brand identity developed to support enhanced independent marketing of NMC. The Generations program, funded by Funders Roundtable, was initiated to train and place young professionals in community service.
2009 - NMC hosted the first Beacon Awards luncheon, the Center’s signature fundraising event.
2010 - Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certification was initiated to develop management skills among nonprofit staff.
2011 - The Center provided educational support for West Texas Rural Philanthropy Days at Sul Ross University.
2012 - NMC worked with the Nonprofit Center of Wichita Falls to offer a local version of Generations; NMC received its State Charter and filed an application for exempt status with the IRS; committed to Midland Shared Spaces.
2013 - Co-hosted second West Texas Rural Philanthropy Days; received IRS determination in November 2013.
2014 - The Center became an independent organization and relocated to Midland Shared Spaces.

Funding is provided by other private foundations, businesses and individuals who recognize the importance of effective nonprofit management in our communities. The Nonprofit Management Center welcomes additional contributions directed to its ongoing support. The Center also collects fees for program services and Center Partner membership fees. Created in 2009, the Center holds the Beacon Awards luncheon annually.

Does the Nonprofit Management Center have a governing body?
The Center has a Board of Directors. They are:

Alex Hale, President
Renee Earls, Treasurer
Margaret Jones, Secretary
Karmen Bryant
Tracy Elms
Bill Fowler
Trey Grafa
Margaret Jones
Crissy Medina
Guy McCrary, ex-officio