The Nonprofit Management Center of the Permian Basin serves nonprofit organizations that provide services to the communities of West Texas. NMC and its partners sponsor regular programs with topics of interest to the nonprofit community. We are now providing downloadable copies of program slide shows or outlines, when available. All downloads are PDF unless otherwise indicated.
COVID-19 Resources

Financial Management


Accountability Indicator
Nonprofit Management Center
Charitable Financial Planning: Boomer Edition
Nathan Rice, Texas Tech Office of Planned Giving
Contingency Budget
Andy Robinson
Cost Accounting
Andy Robinson
Donor Bill of Rights
Carole Rylander
Donor Retention
Jay B. Love
Fighting for the Cause
Rosalind Grover
Find A Funder Exercise
Carole Rylander
Find a Funder Exercise
Carole Rylander
Giving USA 2006
Carole Rylander
Bunkie Righter
House Party
Andy Robinson
In-Any Event
Sarah Burns
MacMillian Matrix
Andy Robinson
Major Gifts
Andy Robinson
Prospect Worksheet
Carole Rylander
Prospects Form
Andy Robinson
STAR Evaluation Plan
Carole Rylander
Software Evaluation Outline
Advanced Solutions International
TAC_ Gift_Chart
Andy Robinson
Various Funding Sources in Texas
Victora Salgado Diggs
Vegas Your Fundraiser
TiWanna Kenney


HR & Legal

Local Resources

MRT Editorial Sheet for Nonprofits
Midland Reporter Telegram
Permian Basin Media Contact List
Nonprofit Management Center


Public Accountability


Volunteer Management