Fund Academy(FA) is a program designed to cultivate and train people to better serve, build a possible career, and accelerate their knowledge in nonprofit fund development.
One of the greatest challenges facing area nonprofits is recruiting resource development employees and volunteers. Fund Academy is designed to educate and expand the professional base of nonprofit fundraisers in the Permian Basin to meet this need. Being in a development role for a nonprofit can be a lot of fun as you work on creative ways to raise money for an organization, nurture relationships with those who give, and work to cultivate new donors. Not sure if you fit a development profile? Key skills to be successful in development include: organizational, communication, planning or managing large projects, the ability to motivate people, and building relationships. In addition to "expert" or "volunteer" fundraisers, teachers, preachers, coaches, retail sales managers, and marketing or business graduates, all have potential for a resource development role.

Application due no later than June 16, 2021.

Tuition is $300

2021 Dates

  • Wednesday, June 23
  • Thursday, June 24
  • Friday, June 25
8:15 am - Breakfast available
8:30 am - 4:30 pm - Sessions

Lunch is provided

Classes held at Midland Shared Spaces